Fang Liyi

  The implementation of financial standards has achieved remarkable results. In terms of improving the quality of financial products and services, standards such as bank customer service centers and banking outlets have been further implemented, which has improved customer service levels and the operating environment of outlets; standards that are not suitable for the circulation of RMB have effectively purified the quality of currency circulation and have helped people "Clean money, rest assured money"; rural inclusive financial service point standards are actively promoted in poor areas, exploring the "financial standard + poverty alleviation" work model, helping finance support poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation. In terms of protecting consumers' rights and interests, the implementation of statistical standards for financial consumer complaints has improved the standardization of financial institutions, supported financial management departments to carry out statistical analysis of data, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers. In terms of assisting the efficient development of enterprises, the in-depth application of RMB cash machine related standards has improved the R & D efficiency of cash machine manufacturing companies, pushed China's good products to the world, supported the high-quality development of China's cash machine manufacturers, and effectively responded to the related RMB product upgrade activities. .Ethereum mining platform,  Year term, the number of urban housing prices rose for 88 Ge, down 1 Ge.

Zhao Yingqi

  Year term, the number of urban housing prices rose for 88 Ge, down 1 Ge.Ethereum mining platform,  The promulgation of the so-called "Bills Concerning Hong Kong" also hurts US self-interest. According to the "Bill", the US government must evaluate Hong Kong's "autonomy", "democracy" and "human rights" every year to decide whether to grant Hong Kong the corresponding preferential economic and trade treatment or to sanction SAR government officials or entities. This seems to be putting pressure on the Chinese side, but in fact it is acting as a cocoon. In the past decade, the United States has earned the highest bilateral trade surplus in Hong Kong among its global trading partners, surpassing $ 33 billion in 2018 alone . Some people in the United States ignore the interests of their own entities and the public in order to obtain personal political interests, and their selfishness is exposed.