"I can only speculate that the United States considers (Canada) its most frank and reliable ally." He said. "The legal system in South America is more formal and may delay extradition procedures ... EU countries may be reluctant to get involved in political or strategic litigation."old moneroocean,

Tacheng area

old moneroocean,  A large number of facts show that the close link between the anti-China forces in the United States and the extreme radical forces in Hong Kong is the main driving force of Hong Kong's continued riots. In the cover of "human rights and democracy", some US politicians arbitrarily undermine Hong Kong's status as an international financial, trade, and shipping center. They intimidately threaten the righteous people who stop riots and openly pave the way for Hong Kong violent criminals. Ignoring the prosperity and stability since Hong Kong's return, they deliberately attempted to direct a Hong Kong version of the "Color Revolution" in Hong Kong. They have spoken and protected "human rights" and "democracy," in fact providing a "safe haven" for violent criminals, creating a "stumbling block" for the SAR government to stop violence, and sending "intimidation letters" to justices who uphold the rule of law.