There are various typical clinical symptoms of depressive syndrome that can be easily identified in a patient. It is highly important for all people to look closely after their relatives and loved ones in order to spot such symptoms before something terrible happens.

Depression is one of the most concerning enemies of modern generations and millions of people all over the world struggle with depression and anxiety. If you don’t want to start a course of prescription drugs before time, consult with a specialist immediately upon noticing symptoms from our short list.

Symptom #1. Bad mood.

Sadness and bad mood may manifest themselves in various forms and every single individual will experience sadness differently. However, this should not prevent you from identifying a problem. When a person feels low often, cries, seldom speaks about life, and cannot explain why the mood is not high, you should be concerned.

Symptom #2. Loss of interest.

We all love something. We have hobbies and most favorite activities. We have some of the best procrastination techniques. However, depressed people often forget about the merits of this world and stop doing things that they were more than interested some time ago. It is easy to notice a change of heart that happened absolutely without a reason. If your friend stops visiting the gym after being crazy about healthy life style, something is wrong and you should be worried. From losing interest in hobbies to caring less and less about the quality of life, signs of a depressive episode will always be apparent.

Symptom #3. Sleep disorders.

In the vast majority of scenarios, genuine depression will occur on the background of constant problems with sleep. Insomnia and sleepiness are both equally frequent and should raise one’s attention if noticed in a patient. If a person spends a lot of time sleeping at night yet still feels like napping during the day, something may be wrong on either physiological of psychological level. Do not ignore such worrying trends.

Symptom #4. Changes in appetite and weight.

Depression is not something that can be described as a single issue that can be treated symptomatically. The reason is that there are various manifestation of depression and some of them make people go crazy over food. Eating sugary things and stress eating become serious problems when a person has depression. At the same time, feeling low all the time does not encourage happy eating. If one’s eating habits suddenly change, keep an eye on them.

Symptom #5. Persistent tiredness.

People with depression feel tired all the time. Many start complaining about having no energy and feeling absolutely squeezed. This is often related to both poor dieting and inconsistent sleeping. General fatigue is one of direct signs that a person is depressed.

Symptom #6. Restlessness.

Many depressed people cannot calm neither their brains nor bodies. Constant tapping with fingers, nervous shaking, jumpy eyes, and other strange behaviors often point at problems that are related to depression and other psychopathic disorders. Persistent agitation should never be ignored.

Symptom #7. Inability to concentrate.

Depression frequently makes people unable to focus on specific tasks at hand lowering their productivity and even ability to perform simple everyday tasks. Other people may think that a person in question is lazy and/or does not want to work, but it some cases it is not procrastination but genuine lack of ability to concentrate.

Symptom #8. Suicidal thoughts.

It is hard to notice that someone has suicidal tendencies which are usually developed secretly. Talks about suicide and death are often like screams for help and attention and should be treated as such.